This Land Is Mine

Location: Johor, Malaysia

i am me.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

This Land Is Mine

from behind these walls i hear your song
oh sweet words
the music that you play lights up my world
the sweetest that i've heard
could it be that i've been touched and turned
oh lord, please
finally, finally things are changing

this land is mine but i'll let you rule
i'll let you navigate and demand
just as long as you know
this land is mine
so find your home and settle in
oh i'm ready to let you in
just as long as we know
this land is mine

after all the battles and the wars
the scars and loss
i am still the queen of my domain
and feeling stronger now
the walls are down a little more each day
since you came
finally, finally things are changing

for all of the days that i've travelled alone
in this cold and colourless place till now
it's what i had to pay

Nice lyrics isn't it? I immediately fell in love with this song when I listened to it for the very first time. That's when my lovely bro bought me Dido's second album Life For Rent as my brithday present (ok i admit i forced him to do so =p) last year. Thefirst thing that popped up in my mind while I was listening to this song was "I'll sing it to my loved one one day." Back then, I was sure that I would have years to practice so that I would sing this song properly and that "he" wouldn't close his ears when I start to sing it. Really...I thought I would have years before I do this. But I guess I was wrong...'cos I AM practising it and (most probably) WILL sing it to him on his upcoming birthday. He has always wanted me to sing a song, any song to him...and I guess I will do that soon. Very soon. Soon enough that it scares me sometimes.

God...hope he won't close his ears...

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Things I Hate About You

I hate you when you hold my hands
And the way you talk to me
I hate you when you tell the truth
And worse when you lie

I hate you when you look into my eyes
And say that you love me
I hate you when you smile at me
I hate the way you call me your baby

I hate you when you make me laugh
But even more when you make me cry
When you break my heart
I just hate you

I hate the way you kiss me
And the hugs you give me
I hate you when you brush my hair
And when you hold me tight

I hate holding you in my arms
I hate having you around me
Yet I miss you when you’re away
I hate it so much when I miss you

I hate the fact that you live within my soul
And that it’s a fact
I hate that you’re always on my mind
And there’s no way to get rid of you

I hate it when you know what’s on my mind
I hate that you always know how to make me smile
I hate you because you bring sunshine to my life
And I hate the songs you sing to me

I hate you when I find out that I don’t hate you at all
And I don’t even have the strength to hate you
But most of all
I hate the fact that I love you

I got the inspiration to write this poem from the movie Ten Things I Hate About You starring Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles. I've watched this movie twice few years ago and once again lately. I wonder if i'd ever get sick of this movie...hmm...maybe never.

This poem is dedicated to my loved one. I guess i know what love is like...finally.'s my first blog ever and i hope it doesn't suck :)